Hey there Tom Olsewski with Coldwell banker and Team Olsewski and I want to welcome you back to our video blog and thanks for tuning in today. Our topic today continues with part 2 on how to sell your home for up to 18 percent more money.

Again, I know that sounds like a bold claim but we can back it up and I’m gonna walk you through the process over the next few videos on exactly how we do just that.

Alright here is the second part of how we help our sellers get 18% more. I work with the homeowner and our whole team is involved in preparing to present your home to the market. We do three important things during this process to help present your home to the market. The first thing we do after we’ve done the needs analysis we decide that you know what are the things that you’re going to do. Have you chosen to stage your property? DO things need to be cleaned up?

We will walk through the home  with you and make recommendations on what you can do to stage your property. Homes that are staged sell for between two and three percent more and they sell much faster and for more money.

The second thing that we do in presenting your home to the market that helps you get more money is the professional photography and video that we do. The exposure that we get based on the quality and that we include video make a big difference in your online presence. We have years of experience and make sure we have excellent lighting. We know exactly how to get the right angle on your home to provide the best presentation.

Then there’s a lot of different tools we use such as a dedicated website for your home with the video. Video is so much more powerful today and its almost mandatory. We actually know that that buyers are loving videos and they’re looking at our dedicated websites.  Almost 70% of them are watching them right there on their phone.

So this is what we’ve learned over the years and this is one of the ways that we help you get more money for your home.

The third important item for presenting your home to the market is…. Getting your home shown on as many websites and social media as possible. Our listings are placed on over 900 websites. We have a social media marketing campaign as well for maximum exposure. The value of exposing your home through the internet and on social media platforms cannot be underestimated as the ability to get you more money for your home.  I’ve put the resources into it and it has paid tremendous dividends to my sellers.

If you have any other questions or you’d like to buy or sell a home call me myself and my team are ready to help! Stay tuned for episode 3 where I’m going to be talking about the strategy of pricing.

Until we talk again it’s Tom Olsewski saying Make it a great Day!